Monday, 3 December 2012

Many cows and one elephant

After a few months in India I have now finally adjusted. I am used to the cows!

Up until now I was quick to get up my camera whenever we drove past a cow on the road or if I saw one when I was out walking.

If there was something I had heard about India before we came here, it was tales about the cows that were going to be everywhere- and they are!

Just down the street from where we live, lives the local gang of cows. They are walking around in between the houses, the cars the people. We often see them eating from the piles of garbage next to the street.

Media has focused on the problem with the cows getting too much plastic in their bellys and die from that. Some schools are also involved in projects to save the cows in Mumbai.
They should eat green grass right ? - but not too much of that around central Mumbai.

So I am used to the cows. But then: one evening I was headed home in my car and we had stopped for red light. Suddenly - right next to me, next to our car - (maybe also waiting for green light, what do I know?)  - a giant elephant! Before I could get my camera out we moved...

This is India for sure:-)

Still waiting for the real one... This one is in The Jay temple in Mumbai. Cute though?

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