Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A potato in the office

At the cfi office
My days in India are so full of contrasts. Today I spent my day in the slum where "my"NGO is involved. I work as a volunteer for Childrens Future India. They have their office in a community consisting of almost 5000 people. Children from the most poor families get financial support and the office organize a lot of activities for the community.
So, I am the new potato in the office! I help with office work and I help out with English classes. My favorite part is that: helping the kids with home work and helping out in the English classes. With 1 teacher and over 50 pupils in a class they can do with an extra hand. Last week I was there for the first time, and I think I was more a distraction than a help really. The kids were all turning their heads curiously, giggling, whispering to their friends  and staring at this strange foreigner who had appeared.

Today they were more brave- cheering me with a loud Hello Madam (still laughing though..)  They are very eager to learn and very positive and cheerful. I love my time there, and I am looking forward to the next time I'll see them already!

The poverty in India can be overwhelming for expats. I believe in education as the most important tool to get people out of poverty and I have been lucky enough to find an organisation where they share that view, and where they have been willing to let me in with open arms. And with the cheerful crowd of youngsters to go with it. I love it, and for my wellness also, this is perfect for me:-)

Can you blame me for having an awesome time?!



  1. I love this post Eli. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    I enjoyed learning about your time as the new 'potato' in the office.

    I worked with Oasis when I was living in Mumbai and taught English to their NGO team. It was a humbling experience

    1. Thanks Debbie:-) My first comment!Yey!!! Thanks for all your help - invaluable:-)

  2. Hello sister!
    Miss u...but thank you for making a blog - so I can follow all your adventures. Love it!! Time is crucial when blogging, thats why I haven`t written much this autumn...:) Keep on writing, lots of love from a freezing Oslo.
    Klem fra Solveig

    1. Thank you søte lilesøs min - and thanks for your great help- you see I followed your advices:-) :-) Miss u...:-)


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