Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Welcome to Jungle Paradise!

Langkawi which means brown eagle - the symbol!

Welcome! Welcome to Jungle Paradise! - our taxi driver opened both his arms like he wanted to hug us all! We couldn't have had a more enthusiastic welcome! So, yes, dear readers, we are in Jungle Paradise - or to be more specific: Langkawi Malaysia.

Believe me: Christmas day on a paradise beach in Langkawi is not bad! Ever since I visited Malaysia for the first time,  I always wanted to come back - and here we are! I love the colors her: white beaches, crystal- blue water and green, green forest with palms, trees and bushes... And monkeys. They told us that there are more monkeys living on Langkawi than there are people. Already the same day we came we saw some along the road.
Do not feed the monkeys who appear on our balcony!
Langkawi is north in Malaysia - almost at the border of Thailand. It consists of 99 island -a fact that led my Greek husband to tell the guide about the over 3000 Greek Islands. The nature is gorgeous, and it is no wonder that the islands has received UNESCOS World Geopark status. The high season is December to February, but tourists find their way to Langkawi all year round. It is also a tax-free sone... So, on this Christmas Day, I wish you all a Merry Christmas morning from the beach in Jungle Paradise. Stay tuned for more Malaysian tales:)

Green forest all around!

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