Sunday, 9 December 2012

Driving Miss Daisy

"It is like you are living in a film, Eli " one of my best friends in Norway exclaimed when I told her about my everyday life in Mumbai and of all the things I see while driving around in the car. I do spend an enormous amount of time in the car - the traffic is heavy in this city! It takes a looong time to get wherever you are going. Since we have a driver I can't really do anything but sit and be patient

Yes, I have to pinch my arm sometimes - because it IS like I am in a film. This busy city, people everywhere, small shops, goats, an elephant. Even when I travel the same distance as the day before, the scenery is completely different. And then the people: hard working, carrying, shoveling, pushing, walking, begging, laughing, smiling. The contrasts are huge- from small huts to new fancy skyscrapers. From 5stars hotel to people living on the street. Driving around in Mumbai can be a challenge for us expats. So far I am like a nice Miss Daisy - driving around being overwhelmed by the colourful, vibrant scenery that opens up outside my car window - love it!

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