Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Dining like Shirley Valentine?

Dear readers,
In the 80's, one of my favorite films was Shirley Valentine. Do you remember that one? About the British housewife who went to Greece for holiday and just stayed there? Want to remember what that was all about?  You can have a look at youtube here! You may, like me, love the film for many reasons, but my absolute favorite scene is in the end of the film, when they have moved a taverna table and some chairs just by the edge of the sea, and Shirley Valentine is sitting there waiting for her husband while the sun sets in the Aegean Sea.

A table next to the sea
Well, you may remember that we, and in particular my husband, has a thing for the sea? I told you earlier about our search for the sea in Mumbai? Well, here in Malaysia you can live next to the sea -and we do - and my husband more than anyone! Reading, relaxing, thinking, and last but not least, dining next to the sea - just like Shirley Valentine!

Malaysia has really great seafood, and we have dined at local fish-tavernas and at classy restaurants. The common and wonderful thing is that they are all next to the sea. What a great feeling that is: having the sound of the waves, feeling the sea-breeze while enjoying the tasty food. Allow me to give you a small taste here, and have a continuous wonderful holiday wherever you are: sea, mountain or city..Stay tune for more expat tales

At the local Fish Farm restaurant
Yoummie seafood

Stylish scallops

Tuna fish starter

And a delicious sweet finish to the meal


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