Monday, 10 December 2012

Powai explorers and our leading star

Ever since I arrived in July I wanted to "explore" this city. I have now realised that that will take me a lifetime.

When to explore Mumbai you do not really know how and where to start. Ok - Gateway of India and the Taj and then..?

In our adventurous and marvellous Powai Explorers group we are many who are new to this city. Luckily we teamed up with the amazing Manasi. She has been our leading star this autumn and has shown us parts of the city we would never have found on our own.

We have been to temples, churches, small alleyways, busy roads, bazaars, on the train, in Dhobi Ghat, seen the Dhabbawallas and the cows in Panjrapol, Bhuleshwar market, old parts, new parts, shops, saris-studios.... You name it!

Manasi has taught us Hindi during an intense and hilarious crash-course. She has enlightened us on culture, history, architecture and customs and has patiently answered all our strange questions.

Our last tour for 2012 is coming up in a few days! Thank you so much Manasi - you have done an amazing job. The way you have introduced Mumbai to a newcomer like me is just wonderful. 

Manasi has her company The Indian Perspective and offers tours in Mumbai. I will really recommend her. She can be contacted at:
See you Manasi!!!!

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