Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A good and flowery morning!

Dear reader,
Just popping in to wish you a Good Morning from Mumbai! The sun has come up and the Christmas decor on my balcony shimmers in the sun and on my gorgeous bougainvillea. The green parrot came on our balcony this morning too! Later today we are off to yet another Christmas party - Yes, it is still a bit strange - 30 degrees and sun - but Christmas is Christmas and party is party right? I do get the feeling that they like Christmas here - at least the glitter and glam decorations part of it. I will show you what I mean later. But for now- let me just spread some color and flowers to you all here this morning here from Mumbai. Maybe I was a bit inspired by the visit at the Jain temple - at least I have secured my flowers an eternal life on the web:-)
Blue and purple orchidee - I like them:-)

PS: Ok, ok - not to worry - we also have some hints of Christmas in the flowery department - just to give you a taste of what awaits in my Shopping-for-X-mas-decorations-in-Mumbai-tale. Stay tuned:-) 

A minimalistic decorated tree with Mr Gold and Blue Santa:-)

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