Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Julelunsj - in Mumbai

When I talk to other expats it turns out that I am not alone. This time of the year can be a bit emotional for us expats. Being far away from our family and friends, and then we see all these emotional films where the hero is fighting his way -  through thunders and snowstorms - all to be home with his family on Christmas. Of course he makes it!

I don't think it is unusual to feel this attraction to the roots these days. So Oh Joy - today we gathered - us Norwegian ladies in Mumbai for a Christmas lunch. We ate and drank and chatted and laughed and drank and ate some more: kransekake, roastbeef, gingerbread, rullekake - Yes, even the brunost made its appearance - and all of that with "En stjerne skinner i natt", "A Fairytale of New York", "Driving home for Christmas" and other emotional goodies on high volume in the background... Thank you ladies - it was wonderful:-)

You could aaalmost believe that it was a real Norwegian julebord if it hadn't been for 3 factors:
  • The drinks
  • The 35 degrees, blue sky and sun outside
  • Our kakemenn - they are of course with bindi on their forehead:-)

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