Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas farewells - a tale of gratitude

Being an expat family having expat kids, naturally means that we meet other expat families - often in the school community. Our kids go to an amazing international school with pupils from over 50 countries, so their friends are from South-Africa, Malaysia, Sweden, India, USA, Korea - just to mention a few... So, naturally, we parents also get to know each other and start to hang out. This weekend we have been X-mas partying and X-mas lunching with many of these wonderful new friends. Many are going away for Christmas - most of them we'll see again after the holidays, but some of them are not coming back. Their time in Mumbai has come to an end, they are going "home" or the work has led them to a new location.

One of the first friends I made here, is not coming back after Christmas - after 2 years in Mumbai they are moving on.. And yes, it makes me sad.. Today I heard about this expat lady who after 8 different locations just wasn't interested to make friends anymore - because it was just too upsetting to say goodbye again and again. Being a brand new expat - hearing that made me sad, and I hope I will never get there! I am so grateful for each and one of the new friends I have made here, they have enriched my life. And also, when I miss my family and friends back home, I can always talk to some of my new friends here about it, because they know exactly what I am talking about! Like yesterday when we received a box with Christmas present from my sister and her family, and my sweet nephew had made drawings...Arrgg ...

Each person who comes in to your life, comes for a reason.- and I will continue to believe that and live by it. Cheers to all my family and friends, old and new - thanks for being in my life!

X-mas greeting from the best sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece there is:-)

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