Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Color your day!

India is colors! All the colors in the rainbow and even more. I love to see how they use colors in their clothes, and I get inspired by it! But do we dare? We westerns who are used to our jeans and black and white outfits?

Today we were challenged. We went shopping in south Mumbai. A nice crowd of talkative school-mums gathered up and we went for shopping along with some experienced expat mums. Kashmir, silk, cotton- shawls in red, yellow, blue, purple, green, gold...You name it - they had it!

The shop owners were trying their best, using all the tools they had:
- Go for the green, Madam- its looks good with your natural colors!
- The orange is sooo you! 
- Look, this pink and silver one will make you look like a movie star.
Ha ha ha. Well, we were trying on one shawl after the other, touching the fabrics, admiring the colors, giving compliments to each-other.

Yes, we are in India! Yes, let us get inspired! Yes, let us put some colors on our days too! And Xmas-gifts were bought- so be prepared: sisters, mothers and aunts out there: if you have a Mumbai Expat in your family some colors will come to your doorstep soon....:-)

Have a colorful day everybody!

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