Monday, 10 December 2012

In COD heaven

I have an Indian cell phone. It took me a while to get it, and another while to make it work, but that is another story. New cell phone and new country means new contact numbers right? Well, today I was checking out my contact list on my new cell. In addition to the numbers of new friends, my new contacts have names like " Food-delivery place" , "Meat-delivery- nice one", " tailor", "window-cleaner-dude " and not to forget "booze-delivery" .

Basically you do not have to leave your home in India. You can order anything and have it delivered at your door-step. Last Sunday morning I was out of eggs- I called my supplier (:-)) - and within 10 minutes there was a guy at my door with the eggs. And not to mention if you run out of wine on a cosy Saturday night- just call your local supplier!

You can have anything delivered; books, clothes, shoes, food! " Not this one Madam? - I will bring you another one at your house tomorrow- COD."

I think COD could be my new middle name if I didnt watch out! COD means Cash On Delivery for you guys out there! But - that would be a boring life wouldnt it?! But sometimes - it's just woooonderful!!


  1. Thank God she has my number to, so we can arrange all our wonderful trips around our new "home" Mumbai. And yes you just call and everything is at your door stepp. It just starts to get creepy, when you call your little supermarked and you just say "i would like to order some things for delivery" and he says yes Mam, and says your adress to confirm who you are , than i think maybe i call to often???? But no it is very nice, and i am sure even Walmart and Tesco will come i will still be calling my little man on the corner for delivery..And in two days "Blondie and Blondie" are on tour around South Mumbai.....See you Eli..

  2. Ha ha ha Pia - great! The little man on the corner is our saviour:-)Always so fun to be with you - looking forward to it:-)

  3. You write some many blog posts, that it's hardly possible to catch up on it! I checked my phone to see what kind of home delivery numbers I still have and found names like Alleppey Boat Vallah, Travel Vallah, and the best one, that only Norwegians can understan, Møbel vallah. Guess they came with my old sofa. Looking forward to add IKEA vallah to that list :-)

    1. Great! Møbel vallah - love that one:-)


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