Saturday 30 November 2013

Expat epidorpio - recipe

Recipe of expat epid....what? Oh, well - just needed a fancy word starting with an e- there... Partly true. But only partly. Epidorpio means dessert in Greek. Yep, simple as that. Almost. It comes from 3 words: epi ton dorpion = "on top of the meal" / "after the meal". Easy as that. Almost. The word dorpion comes from the Greek words drepo and draks = "cutting and gathering (grass and hay)" - and "hand-full" - so: a little something they ate in the evenings - after all the main meals of the day and after having finished the work. So, if you didn't know any Greek words, dear reader, you do now! The essential word of epidorpio. 

Where am I going with this expat dessert tale(- expat epidorpio sounds much more exiting, eh?) Well, living in different countries has taught me that sometimes I need to improvise in the kitchen. At least that is what I prefer to do. Meaning: if I can not find an ingredient or 2 - then I try to adjust the recipe - make it in a different way. To be honest with you: some times it works very well, and sometimes it simply .. does not. But hey, life is too short not to count our victories, right?!

I think this is a perfect (expat) dessert, because you can vary it in many ways! I have made it as a cheese cake in Norway: with cream cheese and sour cream; comforting in cold winter evenings. In Greece, I have made it as a lemon mousse; dropping the biscuit base, and adding lots of shredded lemon and bits of fruit: refreshing in warm summer nights!

Here in India, I have also made it - varying the jello and experimenting with different flavors. The lemon one is always a hit though! Here is my easy - made expat epidorpio recipe, - go wild!

You need:

1 box lemon jello (or pineapple, strawberry, peach- or your favorite flavor)
2-3 dl yogurt
100 gr digestive biscuits
50 gr melted butter
2 tsp cinnamon powder
Berries for garnish. I love redcurrants, raspberries or strawberries.
PS 1: If you are an experimental soul, you can play around - and add for example: 1. shredded lemon or lime peel. 2. Vanilla sugar or other extracts. 3. X-tra berries or bits of fruit. 
PS 2: If you are making it for vegetarians - make sure you check the jello box. Some are suitable for vegetarians, but some are not! 
All the ingredients you need for making the most flexible dessert ever, I think:-) 
A handful of redcurrants..
Remind me of childhood summers picking them from bushes in my grandparents' garden. 

You do: 

1. Make the jello according to what it says on the box, but use only 1/2 the amount of the water!
Pour 1/2 dl of the jello aside in a cup. Put the rest in the fridge to cool off. (once it is cold, take it out)
3. Crush the biscuits until they are like crumbs and add melted butter and cinnamon.
4. Make the vital decision on how you want to serve your dish! You can make it easy on yourself and make 1 big cake, or you can choose the hard way (which I do) and make your dessert in tiny glasses.
5. If you have chosen the hard way (of course you have!): add a layer of the base into each glass, and press it down, so it is even all the way around. Set to cool.
6. Concentrate on your jello. It shall be cold, but not set! Mix gently yogurt ( and any xtra's from point PS 1) and jello together. Pour it into the glasses on the base, and put back in the fridge.
7. Now, you have 1 big challenge left: Do not allow the rest of the jello (in the cup) to set before the rest of the dish is set. Guard it! Tips: Are you in trouble: add a little hot water - just to keep it runny!
8. Check on the dessert by pressing carefully on the top of it. Once it does not give in: decorate with berries and pour a thin layer of the jello on top.
9. Back in the fridge! Now you can relax - and prepare for the standing ovations you will receive, serving your carefully made little masterpieces!

PS. If you have teenagers- like I do- be prepared that they might not "get" the idea of tiny glasses..Defend your choice or capitulate and go for bigger glasses:-) 

Epidorpio with lemon and redcurrants:, served in tiny crystal  glasses:-)  
Enjoy! I hope you like it!

A lovely sunny Saturday morning here in Mumbai dear reader, and with this sweet culinary kick-off: I wish you a continuous wonderful weekend! All the best to you and thanks for following!    


  1. Kalimera Eli :)

    The dessert looks divine. I absolutely love Greek food. We have few good restaurants here and thanks to a Greek colleague I have been sampling some delicacies and learning few Greek words too :)

    1. Ti orea, Pallavi! I am so happy you like it! Yes, Greek food is yummy:-) I so appreciate your positive comments. Hugs your way:-)

  2. Oh my looks like it's showcased at a bakery shelf! So yummy and nice. :)

    1. Ha ha - you are too kind, dear Renuka:-) Best to you:-)

  3. ahh that looks so yummy... completely new to me. i too used to pick redcurrants in my grandparents' garden was so fun !!

    1. Thanks dear Smitha:-) Yes, good childhood memories..:-) All the best to you!

  4. Dearest Eli,
    That makes for a very elegant looking, yummy dessert, the way you presented it!


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