Wednesday, 6 November 2013

- So, what about Delhi?

- So, what about Delhi? My friend glances at me through her dark sunglasses. - Eh? I look at her, a bit confused. - Delhi! she insists, - I could not see that you have written anything about Delhi on your blog?!

Aha! Remember my dear friend, who happens to be from New Delhi, right? The one who, if we spoke about dirty roads in Mumbai would say - Go to Delhi, it is so much cleaner! And when we were bargaining at markets in Mumbai: - The shops are better in Delhi, cheaper and they do not try to cheat you! And when dining out, she would claim: - It's nice, but you should try the Delhi dishes! The one who, for over a year repeatedly has asked me - So, when will you go? (Not "if", but "when") Of course we had to go. And we did!

My friend was eagerly waiting for me to come home from New Delhi, and her son had warned me (with a giggle): - Even if you did not think that Delhi was so much cleaner than Mumbai - just tell her that you thought it was. You know, she will be very happy:-) 

New Delhi. The capital of India. We strolled (despite grey weather) at Connaught Place and had lunch at Veda. We saw the Secretariat building (Government of India) the Parliament and the India gate. We saw embassies (also from the inside), the Bahai' Lotus temple (from the road because it was closed that day) and Qutab Minar. We visited friends who live there, and who have visited us in Mumbai. And honestly: yes, we did see some clean streets and green parks! The most, I think I enjoyed the sense of walking in Mahatma Gandhis footsteps to put it like that.. (his house in Mumbai being one of my favorite sights here..)

The thing is, dear reader, I think I might be a second-largest-city-girl. There is something about me and the second largest cities, the wanna-be-capitals. You see, I grew up in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. A city with a confidence, an identity of its own. Once the capital of Norway, but now - no more. And in Greece, I have lived in Athens, but it was Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city that stole my hearth. That is where I felt at home, with the atmosphere, nightlife, history and culture - aaah Salonica....

So, is it like the song says: Home is where your hearth is? It was great to see New Delhi, even for only a couple of days - but also great to come home. Home to my city, my maximum Mumbai.

And dedicated to my dear Delhi friend - yes, here it is: clean streets and green parks:

The Parliament
I enjoyed seeing the Government buildings. I could almost visualize Gandhi coming up this street, and the British leaving.. The history of India comes alive in Delhi.

So, to be honest, dear reader - we were a bit lazy in Delhi - enjoying more the company of friends and good meals. In our defense - we had to try those Delhi dishes, it was raining a lot and we were only there for a couple of days. Not enough - according to my dear friend. So we might have to go back, because according to her there are still lots of places I just have to see - and they are all in Delhi ....  of course :-)
Bye from Delhi! See you again:-) 
All the best to you, dear reader - thank you for following:-)


  1. Delhi is like a mystery to me. I've been there twice but I'm unable to figure out if it is a slumbering monster or a purring cat. Perhaps a bit of both, going by the tales of people who live there.

    1. See what you mean Jeena..:-) Good description:-) Best to you:-)

  2. Argh, let me know if you come to Delhi next time! Lots of great places to go and eat!

    1. Certainly will:-) So happy to connect with you:-) - and if ever in Mumbai, let me know:-)


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