Thursday, 27 December 2012

Farewell Paradise! Hello Big City!

Dear reader, 
A Christmas is almost over.. This year we have had a Christmas with bare feet and sand between our toes, with shorts, sunglasses and bathing suits. It has been sunny days, long meals, sightseeing and exploring a new country, nature, food and culture.  

For us, it has been a Christmas watching the majestic Eagles circle over our heads and staring at the monkeys who were staring right back at us! We have been surfing the waves in a small wooden boat, just to end up at the most amazing white sandy beach, and we have been driving in the deep deep jungle forest. We have admired seahorses, tropical fishes and colorful parrots. We have enjoyed Malay hospitalitan friendliness. It has been a Christmas lying on the beach under the palms with Frode Gryttens "Saganatt", sending messages and warm thoughts to our loved ones in Norway and Greece, and to our friends all over. 

We have been creating lovely memories together. More than anything we have had a Christmas with a lot of time, time to be together, time to laugh and talk and to try to digest the changes our life has been through the last 6 months.The expat experience we have had. 

Well, now, we will leave Langkawi with fully charged batteries:-) Our next stop is Kuala Lumpur - stay tune for more expat travel tales! 
Adieu my wonderful beach!

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