Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Mumbai Christmas Decoration Tale

We moved to India with a couple of boxes and one suitcase each. So, as we were getting closer to Christmas I realised to my horror that I didnt't have any X-mas decorations here. Ok, ok, I will admit - I secretly slipped a few items in my suitcase - like a Nowegian flag (for glorious moments), some Christmas star lights (which I also saw in a shop here -for 1/20 of the price ), and a few other things - small reminders of my loved ones. Some items, I just found yesterday because they were tucked in between some jackets I brought in one of the boxes (dont't ask me why- I have still yet to wear any clothes with long sleeves here in India..)


I still needed some stuff to make my home Christmassy. Being from Norway I grew up with very "natural" Christmasses. Our trees were of real wood, and the decorations were in red, white and green. The light bulbs were white and they did not blink or sing songs. 

In a jubileus mood I went to the Christmas shop areas... Not so minimalistic- nature- like, but holy... what a fun place! I will admit I got a bit carried away - Imagine: pick and choose Christmas balls and ornaments in all the colors you can think of, small and large and xxx-large, stars in plastic and shimmering paper, masks, hats, glitter and glam. Light bulbs shaped like reindeer, angels, stars and Santas- and yes, they were both blinking and singing! Plastic snowmen, costumes, and snowflakes....We were negotiating for the best price ever (!) and of course then we had to add a few items more and then a few more. 

So yes, I am good, and my home is veeery shiny, glittery and veery Christmassy! 

See what I mean?

And more .. - I particulary liked the blue reindeer:-)

The local Christmas tree forest:-)
The name seems promising...

Marigolds and X-mas decor..

PS: After all we are in India...  so after our successful decor-hunt we went to the cutest little thali place to celebrate. Even the waiters there looked kind of X-mas like too we thought, but maybe it was just our X-mas spirit taking over.?

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  1. Hey Eli
    I was just surfing how people are preparing for this year's Christmas and New Year, and here I've landed into your blogs and seeing India from your eyes :) I know its crazier than a foreigner expects. But flip side there are good stuffs too :)
    And I am sure you gonna have a nice X-mas and a new yr.

    Moreover currently Im in my native. will be back in the city on 26th.
    And if you wish we can meet up sometime. :)
    Do mail me pritam.club27@gmail.com

    Have a nice stay :)


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