Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A tale from Animal Kingdom

With Thailand in the background - only one hour away!
So yes, dear readers.
Still in Malaysia, still in that wonderful Jungle Paradise - though today I feel more like I am in Animal Kingdom! I already told my family that I am not leaving Langkawi without having seen the famous monkeys - up close and personal! Well, today they came! Suddenly they were sitting there, just by the road. We stopped the car and they looked at us.. probably thought we had food for them (well, guess they would not like our Coke or Tigerbeer cans...)

Hmm. Wonder what he was thinking... Come- on- you- strange- lady- in- the- car- give- me- some- food?

Before we saw the monkeys, we had been with a boat to see the wild eagles- such majestic birds!
Feeding place for the eagles

So, as for Animal Kingdom- they have it all here in Langkawi: bats, crocodiles, snakes, squirrels, otters- it is their home. We are the visitors. Langkawi is green, clean and friendly. Still, we feel like they try to keep tourism as low impact as possible. The beaches are long, white and not crowded and the forest is thick, clean and green with a lot of space for the natural animal life.

We also chose to visit the very popular Underwater World. I loved the seahorses there, they have always been special to my heart! In Malaysia they also have an organisation to save them: SOSMalaysia- save the seahorses. I also enjoy watching all the other visitors- and here they were from all over the world. Oh, well, we are just a part of Animal Kingdom too right?

Stay tune for more Malaysia tales soon!
At the Underwater World.

The fascinating seahorses

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