Friday, 7 December 2012

The tale of 3 persons and the sea

My husband and the sea..:-)
I like the sea. I enjoy the fresh air from the wild North-sea, and I love to splash around in the Aegean ocean every summer.

My Greek husband is dependent of the sea.
He is passionate in love with the sea and everywhere we go,  he is always the first one to:  1. Locate the sea.
      2. Go for a swim.

I might add that sometimes he is the only one who goes for a swim - like when we went to a fjord in Norway and snow was falling into the water... Well, we have spent some time searching for possibilities for swimming in the sea close to Mumbai...

The little girl and the sea
Oh yes, the sea is here, but it is not always possible or can I say wantable to swim in... The other day I was at a tour and we went down to the sea-shore. This group of small boys were following us around, practicing their English, shouting, giggling.
Suddenly I saw this little girl sitting all by her self. She had a colourful dress with small stars on, a ribbon in her hair and was looking at us quietly with a shy smile on her face.

Just one of theese moments you know...

The old lady and the sea
Another moment was that hot summerday in Greece. We were sitting on a cafe, enjoying a frappe , and feeling the summerday getting cooler and the sun going down. The tourists had all left their sunbeds for the day.

Then this old lady comes down, carefully walking over the sand and sits herself down in one of the abandoned chairs. All by herself she is sitting there, looking at the sea while the day is fading away...

Well. Whether you love, like or don't like the sea: Have a wonderful evening good readers! And please wish the passionate Greek and me good luck on our quest for swimmable salty waters:-)

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