Thursday, 6 December 2012

"I'll be home with bells on"

Noooope, I do not really miss brunost, the brown goat cheese from from Norway. I can also live without lefse, fiskeboller and raspeball. But I have to admit: at this time of the year I am looonging for some of the traditional Norwegian Christmas food. Not all are easy to re-create here in India- but please know that I am trying:-)

My new best friend, by the way, is my husband's colleague who actually brought us pinnekjøtt from Norway when he was visiting last week.

The X-mas spirit can be a bit tricky to stay in for a long time when it is 30 degrees and sun outside. Today my son asked me: Why don't we have risengrynsgrøt anymore?. That is a reeeally christmassy dish!

Norwegian risengrynsgrøt
Well, we had rice and we had milk - so today we had risengrynsgrøt with cinnamon, sugar and raisins on the top. We were sitting outside, eating and sweating in our Mumbai air:-) But the X-mas spirit was there,  I assure you! So much that I spontaniously decided to make kakemenner too while listening to " I'll be home with bells on".

Well, that was today.

Tomorrow we'll have butter chicken, salad and chapatti. After all, we are in India guys!:-)


  1. Yes i think this is a time of year where you really think about home. But what i do not miss to ist Cold and Snow, like they have home in Denmark right now..So, i do enjoy the last 2 weeks here in the lovely warm India befor we go home for christmas holliday. Save some of your Kakemenner for next weekend sweet Eli, cant wait to try them...Have a wonderful weekend friend.

  2. And to you too Pia! I agree- I do not miss the cold either! I will keep the sunbeds and coctails ready for you while you are away, dear friend. Great to see you today, and see you soon:-)


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