Sunday, 16 December 2012

In Sari heaven

When we were going to India, there were 3 questions I often had:
  • "What are you going to do there?"
  • "Are you going to have this dot on your forhead?"
  • "Will you wear Sari?" or more often: " You have to get a Sari!"
I was so lucky the other day to visit a Sari studio. Oh dear readers- if there is a Sari-heaven this is it!

Red wedding sari- often given to the bride after the wedding from her new parents-in law
Saris from the floor to the ceiling, from wall to wall: green, blue, yellow, orange, pink,with embroidery, with gold. We, the 6 usually very talkative ladies were for once speachless..
Pink party-sari
We were giving a nice presentation of Sari; history and tradition. Then they showed us samles of Saris from various areas of India. I have to admit: it was a bit hard to concentrate on what they were saying because I was so breathtaken with the fabrics that unfolded in front of me; Everyday saris, party saris, wedding saris, saris with sandalwood in it to make it smell divine.., saris with threads of real gold, see-through - saris, saris made of net (on fashion right now)...

Green and blue
Here you buy the fabric, and they can make the sari for you, including the blouse and the skirt you have underneath. We had a small discussion because in India you show your belly while wearing a Sari - at least if you are married- that is how it is made! But westerns are maybe not so comfortable with that! Well, they can make a longer blouse for you also. I kind of like the idea though - why not wear your belly with pride? Ha ha ha :-) We went to Roopam which was a great place:-)
We also saw ready-made- Saris - meaning that you will not have to wrap it on yourself, but buy what looks more like a sari-skirt. Putting on the many-meter-long Sari can be quite difficult, so many choose to "cheat" by getting one you just put on -just like that...
And then we had tea and admired each-other getting wrapped in theese beautiful fabrics...Ahhh Sari heaven:

Pick and choose- all the colours you can think of..


  1. What studio did you visit?

    1. Hi, We visited Roopam:-) I added a link in the text. E


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