Tuesday, 11 December 2012

"All I want for Christmas - is shoes.."

The new flower on my balcony
"The best things in life are free"- right ? It can be a beautiful sunset, a nice flower, a friendly smile. But sometimes life is complicated and it has made me think about life quality and what we want to make out of our lifes and our dreams.

93 shampoos for 93 kids
Here in India, some people can dream about having an education, of just not be hungry that day or of a new pair of shoes. In an orphanage we support, we were asked not to waist money on toys for the kids, but instead buy them shampoo-bottles, some pencils and books for school or just new shoes...
One of my biggest challenges in India has been how to deal with the poverty and human sufferings I see. I have chosen to spend quite a lot of my time working for NGO's. You can read more about that  here.
New funny shoes: the left shoe is identical to the right shoe:-)

Yes, some of the best things in life are free - so live in the moment! Feel joy for the new flower, for the smile given you, for things you can do for others. That being said - sometimes things happen to me which brings extra joy or shall we say spice to my everyday life. Like yesterday when the X-mas packet arrived from my parents, and some small xtra x-mas stuff was in there, or like wearing the new funny shoes .
Do you also dream of new shoes for Christmas?

An X-mas greeting from my homeland:-)

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