Friday 23 November 2012

Expat- me?

Dear readers,
Expat expat: taste the word... I am so glad I have a connection to Greece because as we all know - most words in the world (!) origin from the Golden language of Greek. So EX PAT  = exo apo patrida. Patrida means fatherland or motherland , so "outside of your homeland".  And YES I AM - I am someone who lives outside of my homeland (Norway) - and quite far outside too: India.

India India: who would have thought? Yes, it is wonderful; the colours, the spices, the climate. It is an adventure of a lifetime! And challenging: after many years in Bergen we are packing up our two teens, selling the car, renting the house and just with a few suitcases arriving Mumbai - in the beginning of August. New school, new friends, all new for the kids. New office, colleagues and work- culture for my husband

And then me.... The mum, the wife, the facilitator. After years of working full time- the days in front of me were blank sheets of paper- empty.

Would that be a nightmare or a fairytale for you?

All I know is that my blank sheets are filling up with colours: orange, purple, red, blue, gold.....

Stay tuned for more Mumbai tales soon...


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