Thursday, 14 February 2013

With NRK in the Mumbai slum

Dear reader,
When I sometime in the future will leave India, I think one of my most dear memory will be of the kids whom I meet with once a week in the slumhut area where I work as a volunteer. Remember, I told you about them? Today I was also there, but it was not just an ordinary day, because today I spent my time there with a radiojournalist from my home country Norway. (NRK = Norwegian National tv/radio). She is going to cover, amongst other themes, our project in the slumhut area with main focus on education.
She met with my co-workers at the office and I also told about my volunteer work. She talked to several mothers, met with pupils and students and visited the homes of some of the families. I think she enjoyed the open and honesty talks, and the friendlyness and interest she was met with. I was impressed with how she did her work; she really got the people to tell their stories, and with a gentle smile and genuine interest. And exiting stories it is! I'll try to let you know when it is on air, so we can share the stories with you too. Here are some moments from my day with NRK.

Talks with some of the mums - at the CFI office. 
Great talks on challenges,education, hopes and dreams for the future with teenage girls who are all studying in university/college.
She wants to be a doctor when she grows up.
Then we all went for a tour in the neighborhood, to visit the homes of some families
Theese ladies are part of a self-help group for women in the community
Some of the houses in the community
Well, dear reader, a memorable day indeed. My hope is that publicity like this may lead to a rise in the number of sponsors from my home country. By going to this community every week I see how much the sponsorship can mean to some families, and it enables them to get their children through school. It can really make a difference. A good feeling.

Good evening from Mumbai dear reader!

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