Sunday, 17 February 2013

So, why do we blog?

Dear reader,
Unlike my teens, I didn't grow up in a kind of digital world, you know? They don't really believe me when I say that we didn't have cell phones when I grew up: But mom, how did you communicate? And they look at me with disbelief when I tell them we didn't have computers, internet or mp3's (which is outdated now anyway right?). And we didn't blog. No blogs.

Before we set out for India, I dived into all the sources I could find- on the internet. Desperately seeking information. How was it to live in Mumbai? The schools? The housing? How would life be there with teens? How would it be for us Europeans? Life in general for foreigners?

I then discovered the diary of a white Indian housewife. She gives a pretty good pictures on how it was for her, moving to India, and for an information-seeking-maniac like me, her blog was wonderful! I still enjoy to follow her life in Mumbai through her well established blog.

Then I came across a nice blog which I also still follow - by Karsten, my fellow countryman: From Norway to India blog. Very well written and with loads of useful information about moving to, adjusting and living in India! The other day he posted an interesting piece about blogging and why we blog, and it made me think...  You see, like Karsten, I started to blog to share our India-experience with family and friends mainly in Norway and Greece. But like Karsten, I discovered that a lot of my readers were actually in India. I have received so many nice emails from Indian readers. They give me feedback, tips of places to see in Mumbai, and maybe they think it is a bit funny to view their city through the eyes of a foreigner. Anyway, I really appreciate the dialogue my blog is generating and the new contacts I make.

I enjoy reading blogs that has a bit of humor, and it is that indefinable nice atmosphere in the blog that makes me return as a reader again and again. Once in Mumbai I discovered Jerk Masala - also a friend and fellow school-mum. I am laughing so much of the way she describes her Indian experiences. Check it out if you haven't already:-) I also found BombayJules. She has some very good pieces about places to see and discover in Mumbai! Very helpful for a newcomer like me, and I love her style: well written and with a lot of humor. The kind of humor that I like. Just great!

So once in Mumbai, of course my additional source to information has been real people, wonderful new friends from all over the world. They who send me an sms if they suddenly discover Gouda cheese in a shop, or call me to have a coffee or hang out just to chat. This weekend has for us been about celebrating friendship and being social. From our own harmonic Greek-Turkish-Danish-Norwegian party on Friday, via Back to the 80's Party with fellow school parents and teachers, (I know, it is hillarious to party with your kids' teachers.. :-) ) on Saturday to Brunching with good Indian friends today. Thank you all for being our friends!

I also just realized this is my first ever photo-free blogpost... But I might blog about the 80's party later on.. Great pics from that one...So be warned -  all my fellow high-haired multicolored friends, Top Gun pilots, Cindy Lauper wannabees and Karate Kid copies:-) And for the rest: stay tuned for a trip down memory lane! Wake me up before you go-go!

Enjoy the good moments everybody!

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