Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Priyanka and her dream

Dear reader,
Today my plan was to blog about Back to the 80's - The Paaarty and boogie with you down memory lane - in company with Wham, Limahl and Cindy Lauper. But then I have had something else on my mind day and night lately, and I just have this urge to introduce you to theese amazing ladies: Manisha, Clara, Sumati, Kirti and Priyanka. Each with a story to tell, each with a life full of challenges, each with pride and no matter what: with a huge smile to share. And you know where I am once a week and you might remember I told you about the visit we had from a NRK journalist? Well, yes, all of theese ladies live in the slumhut area where I work, and it has made a huge impression on me to slowly get to know them, slowly know more, slowly be a part of their lives and they a part of mine.

Clara for example. She has 3 daughters. Her husband was a rickshaw driver, but got ill, and can't work. Clara works from home - making plastic hair clips. For 1000 pieces she gets payed 20-25 rupees. 2 of her daughters dropped out of school after grade 10 to start to work to support the family. They are investing it all in the education of the youngest daughter Kirti who is 16. By making sure she finish the 12 grade and goes to study after, they know that at least 1 in the family can provide for the rest... Kirti's biggest dream is to be a bank manager.

One of the most dynamic ladies I have met in my life, is Manisha. She is a proud mother of 1 girl and 3 boys. She is a vegetable seller, a busy mum, leading a self-help group for women, and I get the feeling that she is the one really holding it all together. All her kids go to school, and she wants them all to finish their education and get good jobs. Her youngest daughter Tara who is 8, proudly announce that she is going to be a doctor when she grows up. Manisha has no doubt in her mind that her daughter will get there. 

And then there is Priyanka.

Priyanka is 17 years old. She is finishing 12 grade this year, and wants to be a dance choreographer. She goes to school six days a week. She gets up at 05.00 every day, and her last class finish at 21.00 in the evening. Her eyes shine when she talks about music and dancing. Her whole face lits up. That is her passion and her dream for herself and her life. Her mother Sumati is supporting her daughter 100% , and she has a story of her own. She used to work as a maid, but managed to study part time, and is now working as a social worker which is what she studied to be. She is very proud of herself and of her daughter.

All theese ladies and girls have in common that they have been sponsored, meaning that their expenses for education, clothes and nutricion has been covered. Clara says that her youngest daughter would have had to quit school to get a job too, if she had not been sponsored.

And what a thought, dear reader. For a small amount every month you can secure that Prianka or Tara or some other child will complete their education. The best investment there is, I would say.

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Check out:
Children's Future India
For sponsoring a child

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