Monday, 18 February 2013

Crawford market - at last!

Dear reader,
I have made a few halfhearted attempts before, but never really made it there. Once,  I was really close, but got caught up in X-mas decorations, and this delicious thali-place.  Another time I started out in the end where they sell the live animals and made a kind of hasty retreat - I guess you could call it. But today I made it! I made it to Crawford market!

The market is one of the most famous market places in South-Mumbai. It is named after the first Municipal Commissioner of the city, Arthur Crawford. The Crawford market building was designed by the British architect William Emerson, and it was completed in 1869. Interesting to find out also that the building was the first in India to be lit up by electricity, in 1882.

But for me, the Crawford market is more than the building in which you can find fruit, vegetables, and the animal market. The streets around the market building is also filled with small shops and stalls. Here are some moments from our day:
500 rupees, guys! And in any colour you would like:-)
Flower heaven- that is if you are the plastic-flower-lover-type:-)

Royal Spices- of course, what else?:-)
Sweets, dryfruits and spices:-) Inlaws tasting in the back:-)
Crawford market building in the back, mum-in-law in the front:-)
Strawberry yoummie:-.)
So, dear reader - another day full of impressions, and I now know where I can head out if I should need to get spices, fruits, vegetables, drynuts, party-stuff, stationary, baking products, kitchen-stuff, textile, clothes, plastic-flowers, make-up, cotton, saris, lamps, toys, sweets - and that was just the beginning... Puh!

With wishes for a wonderful evening - from Mumbai!

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