Monday, 25 February 2013

While waiting for the Guru

Something is in the air. Something is going on. Something is about to happen - right here in our building. Oh yes, the guards, the cleaners, the guy in the elevator.... they are all walking around with broader smiles than usual. Excitement is in the air.

The biggest smile belongs to our neighbors who live right next door. She was so happy, excited and proud when she explained to us what all this is for. Because it is in their home it is going to happen.

And last night the lights came up. Hundreds and thousands of small bulbs decorating the entrance, the columns, the stairways, the hallways and all the trees and bushes in sight. And then the painting; carefully beautiful patterns on the floor. Colours everywhere; pink, blue, orange, yellow.. This morning they started to decorate with fresh flowers: on the floor, in every corner, on the wall. When we came home this afternoon there were lianas with flowers covering the walls, all over.

Well, you see, dear reader: we wait for the arrival of the Guru. Remember when we did a Puja in my home? That was a puja for the Guru of my friend. Having a Guru, a spiritual leader, a teacher, a holy person coming is an important event, and according to our neighbor this Guru .

I have no idea where it came from, but Waiting for Godot - was just there... Maybe because when I was younger, and was waiting for something - Santa Claus, the train to come, the bill or the favourite show on TV- I would sometimes hear What are you doing? Are you waiting for Godot or what? So I knew about Godot long before I heard about Samuel Beckett, to put it like that...

So here we are, waiting for the Guru. We have been invited to join the gathering tonight, so maybe you will hear some more about the actual arrival of the Guru? In the meantime- have a look at how it looked like outside our appartment today... ( It's my husbands birthday today, so we are also pretending that a little of this can be for him:-) Isn't it beautiful:
This is just outside the door of our appartment

The entrance to our building

Flowers decorating the walls all around:-)

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