Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Dining outside outdoors - part 2

The last few days has been hot, and today is yet another warm and sunny day here in Mumbai. People are talking about that summer is on the way... An Indian friend recently told me that we have only 2 seasons in Mumbai: Summer and Winter. Summers with 30-40 degrees and winters with 20-30 degrees roughly. And the monsoon season is from June-September, but even though it is raining it is still preeetty warm. So, living in this summerland, you might remember my passion for dining close to the sea and under the stars? And my persistent search for outdoor outside dining places? Well, after that post, I got some good tips about places to visit (thank you all:-) ). And yes, as someone pointed out to me: it might just be toooooo hot to dine outside in Mumbai in just some weeks or months (do you hear that over there in snowy Europe?) but until then (if I ever get to that point) I can still nurture my joy of dining under the stars and, if possible, close to the sea. I actually got all that in Aurus on Juhu beach, which we checked out some days ago. We didn't get there in time to see the sunset, but next time we will.

Because, yes, dear reader, this is a place we will come back to. Since my favourite Vie Lounge closed, this is another "on the sea" - spot which I really liked! The service was attentive and friendly, and the food was beautifully presented.  On Sundays they have an open grill and a barbeque menue, so we went for grilled fish, grilled chicken - and all the 6 in my company magically agreed that it was really tasty! (and here we are talking some fussy creatures amongst us...).

Aurus is open for dinner from 19.30 pm every day and from 17.00 pm on Sundays. It was quickly filled up, so book a table in advance. For me the best part of the evening was again to sit there with my raised glass and glance out over the ocean. Ahhhh, the joy of dining under the stars and close to the sea. It doesn't get better than that:-)

Bubbling starter of the meal.

Be early to secure your corner in this sofa. By the time we left it was all filled up.

Nice presentation of the food at Aurus:-)
PS! For the men: just remember to wear your pants (and not shorts) when visiting Aurus:-) We had a small discussion whether our teenager - with his half-on-the-lower-leg-pants - was wearing shorts or pants. Well, in the end we did agree it was more in the pants- than in the shorts-family.

That's all for now dear reader. Stay tuned:-)

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