Saturday, 9 February 2013

Smiling ladies and smelly fish

Oh, dear reader. I am totally worn out and so full of impressions that I am about to burst, and I do not know how to compress this one day into one blogpost.

You see - ever since coming to Mumbai- we have usually used the sea link - this new bridge connecting southern and northern parts of the city - when we are going around in Mumbai. And everytime I have - from my car window - been looking down at the fisherboats, the grey and brow sheds and huts, the goats, the kids playing on the rocks next to the sea. And I was curious. Finally I got to visit it. And it was not quite like I had pictured.

In this area I saw houses in pink, orange, blue and green and temples in bright yellow. I saw a statue of Virgin Mary dressed in a pink sari and fisherboats in all the colours possible. Fruit, vegetable and flower sellers were all around, we saw parrots, the fishermen cleaning their nets and a saxophon player turned up from nowhere.

I just love the smile of this flowerseller:.-)
When I close my eyes and think about this tour, the first thing that comes to my mind is the bright smiles of the ladies we met, and - without really wanting it - the activity, smell and atmosphere from the local fish-market. So, dear reader- I will get back with more tales from this tour, but let me show you a few highlights from this day at Worli fishing village.

Bargain for the best price at the fish market

Some dried small fish perhaps?


Broad selection ....

This is small octopus for sale

And just to finish with some smiling men to - in their coast-guard uniform - we were told:.)
  So, dear reader. Stay tuned for more tales from Mumbai, and have a lovely Saturday everyone!

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