Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mrs Helpteacher in action

Dear reader,
Do you remember I told you about arriving in Mumbai - at the airport? Well, actually I forgot to mention that first glimpse of the city you will have - at least if you arrive when it's daylight.You know, that moment when the plane touch the ground and you eagerly stare out the small airplane window? Where am I? What does this place look like? In Mumbai, it is very likely that the first thing you will see, are the small huts, the slumarea- and you will think to yourself: Do people live like that here?

Yes, they do. Around 5000 people live in this specific slum hut area close to the airport and the Marol pipe line. Most of them are low-income families. And one day every week, I go there, as a volunteer. Remember, I told you about being the potato in the office? These days, I am mainly helping a specific group of kids with their homework and English practice. Today we had a lot of fun with the book Tiny goes to the library. Tiny is like the biggest dog ever and is the best friend of this little boy. We also talked about singers we like, about cricket, mangos and about why Mrs Helpteacher is in Mumbai in the first place :-) (In addition to more serious stuff, of course.) And believe me, I benefit just as much as the kids hopefully do!

Many of the children get their education sponsored from abroad - and quite many of them from my homecountry Norway.  But we could always use more sponsors - so if you would like to sponsor a child's education or want to help in other ways - check out more info here. You can also send me an email. I can not think of a better way to improve a child's chances for a good life, than to secure hers or his possibility to complete an education. 
Ha ha ha- this stranger foreign help-teacher we have:-)

For good luck!

One of the nicer houses in the hutment area

Well, dear reader, I have had another memorable day in Mumbai. I hope you have had a good day too. And please stay tuned for more tales!  Thank you for popping in on my blog:-)

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