Thursday, 7 February 2013

A stroll in the park

Dear reader,
It is so called winter in India - and today is what we would normally call a nice summer day in Norway. Sunny with a mild breeze. Hot but not too hot. A perfect day for a stroll in the park. And you might remember that we have visitors from Greece here now, and that they are above average interested in trees, bushes and flowers of all kind.

So, a visit in the Hanging Gardens in Mumbai was a must! This wonderful park from the 1880's at Malabar Hill. Needless to say perhaps- that our flower-loving-visitors - loved this place.

They enjoyed the stunning view over Chowpatty beach and the colours and shapes of the flowers. They were less impressed by the persistent peacock-feather-sellers shadowing us around, but loved the senior-citizen-only-corner where senior citizen can enjoy today's newspaper in peaceful surroundings. And - it's the beginning of February! Here are some more moments from our stroll in the park:

Have a wonderful day dear reader, and stay tuned for more tales:-)


  1. Ok, now i see what happens to the roses, if they get company of the Tree in pic. nr. 4;)))))
    xx P

    1. Ha ha ha... Nice :-)I loved the flowers there- the strangeled roses and all the others:-)


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