Thursday, 21 February 2013

Change of visitors & shopping marathon

Dear visitor,
I have a night with change of visitors coming up. My inlaws have now been here for a month and today they are going back home to Greece. Things hasn't really changed a lot since I told you about their top-list on impressions here in Mumbai. They still think Gandhi's home deserves the top spot, and they still laugh long and hard of things they see along the road, and they still jump out of the car if they see an interesting flower-bush-tree-kind-of-thing.

Actually we have been so busy exploring and travelling all around Mumbai, that a few days ago we did a shocking discovery: the obligatory gifts from India for family and friends in Greece - they were not obtained yet! We needed to go shopping! Well, you might remember we did some shoe-shopping? And with our great bargain skills, enthusiasm, and the combination of Greek persistence and Scandinavian efficiency it was bound to be a success. And it was. 

I must add that my mum-in-law is still quite (pleasantly) surprised by the low prices, the colours and the wide selection of clothes, shoes (!), jewelry and small didsila-midsila gift stuff - perfect for kids. But not to ruin the surprise for the ones in Greece - I will now zziiip it - and show you some pictures instead from our shopping-for-gifts-for-the-loved-ones-in-Greece-marathon:
Small sets for little girls:-) Aren't they just wonderful?
A small guest-visit in shoe-heaven again:-)
And something for the boys- with a small parrot on the shoulder:-)
Bombay Beauty - Dresses- tailormade- if you have the time:-)
So, with stuffed suitcases my inlaws are ready to bid farewell to India - which they visited now for the first time. We will wave goodbye to them and at the same time give a warm welcome to our 2 very good friends from Norway who will also visit India for the first time. I can't wait to take them around and show them our city. I can't wait to see their reactions to it all. Stay tuned, dear reader - new tales coming up:-) Ta ta:-)


  1. Just found you via Twitter and it looks like we have things in common. I've lived abroad for years in exotic and not-so-exotic countries, but have never been to India. Love you visiting in-law story as I've experienced the same in both Indonesia and Ghana, West Africa. Great fun to see their reactions at all the "strange" new experiences!

    Oops -- I cannot sign in with my own name and URL! All I have is an ancient google link that may or may not work...

  2. Yes, I agree:-) A lot in common, and yes, fun to see their reaction to it all... :-) Thank you for you kind words and nice feedback:-)


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