Monday, 28 January 2013

Veggie love

Dear reader,
Monday; new week, new possibilities. I hope you have had a good start of the week. Do you remember that I told you before about my enthusiasm for shopping fruits here in India. Well, living here has awaken my kind of sleeping - love for vegetables too. Of course I used vegetables before, but with the vibrant colours and wide selection, my curiosity is triggered, it looks sooo much more tempting and sim-sala-bim: veggie love is unleashed!

Many Indians are vegetarians, and all the fabulous dishes they come up with, is a great source of inspiration. Remember, I showed you how we make Dal? Well, that is just one of the veggie-dishes I have come to love. To bad that some of the dishes takes forever to prepare, with all the cleaning and chopping and chopping and cutting... But I think the flavours makes it worthwhile, and by the way I am sure you can find a friendly-chopping-expert-helping hand?:-)

Also, a stroll at the vegetable market with the piles of fresh, colourful veggies makes it fun to shop  and once you have shopped them, you might as well eat them, right? So, let me show you a few pics from my stroll at the veggiemarket today. Doesn't it look tempting?:
I just love the colours!
Tomatoes, peppers, large and small cucumber, ladyfingers...
Eggplants: large, small, round, oval....

Well, we still had chicken for dinner today, but with lots of salad. And tomorrow we'll have Dal- after all we are in India:.-) Stay tuned for more tales, dear reader!

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