Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dining outside outdoors in Mumbai

Dear reader,
I can recall a wonderful moment in May last year. I was sitting with my husband in a couch overlooking Juhu beach, feeling the soft breeze in my hair, sipping a coctail while watching the sun go down in the ocean and really feeling: Yes, I can live here! That was at the Vie lounge, one of the really wonderful outdoor restaurants in Mumbai. I was so sad when I returned from X- mas holiday just to find out that it had closed:-(

You see, in Norway, after a long winter, by the first tiny hint of spring and sun in the air, people rush outside to catch a seat at an outdoor cafe. So I think it is in my blood, this urge to dine under the stars, by the sea- at least outdoors, outside. And if the weather is nice in the summer, and the sun doesn't go down at all, (yes, my friends in India- it is true- the midnight sun is real), we just stay outside. Oh how I love those moments - gather outside to enjoy a beer and some food, at first maybe under a blanket and with heating lamps to help, because it can get a bit chilly. I know that people who grew up in a warmer climate really doesnt't get it.. : Like my greek husband said, watching the Norwegians curl up under the blankets: If it is too cold to sit outside, why don't they just go inside?

Oh well.
And then the summers in Greece strolling at the promenade, wondering which one of all the tavernas and cafe's we shall honour with a visit today. All the Greek summers just living outdoors: breakfast on our balcony, lunch at the cafe, dinner at the taverna and a night-cap on the beachbar..
Summers in Greece, at the taverna by the edge of the sea...

Or a nice lunch at our balcony- overlooking the sea...

So, I told you of our dining with Greeks Gods in Goa and also how I love dining at the edge of the sea like Shirley Valentine.  In Mumbai lots of the good dining places are indoors, but we have managed to find some nice outdoor pearls: Before X-mas we went to Bungalow 9 in Bandra. They have a small yard, quite nice, and the food was delicious, really nice presented. And our X-mas spirit had a boost there with their lovely tree and X-mas decor. A place we will visit again for sure.

So, my dear reader, Vie lounge closed, but just as when a good expat friend leaves: not much to do but to look ahead and try to look positive. In Powai we have Cafe Mangij with a small garden and good pizzas! And a new roof-garden-like restaurant has also just opened: Breeze in Powai. I havent't been there yet, but I definately will! Judging from their web-pics it looks really nice!

Yesterday evening we went to a new place. Otto infinito is placed in Bandra-Kurla Complex and serves also Mediterranean food. We found Athens sour coctail and other goodies on the menu. I had a peppercrust tuna - really tasty and well presented. My family tried the pizza, the Morroccan chicken and the lamb. The verdict was a bit mixed on the food, and my greek-smoker-husband was not too pleased being banished to a corner of the garden where the ashtrays were. We all agreed though, that the very best aspect of the night was the experience of dining outside. Otto Infinito has a large outdoor garden with lots of space! Not too common in Mumbai, and something we really enjoyed and the service was quick and friendly so this is also a place we will see again. I just love being able to sit outside in January, and it is waaarm (no blankets or heating lamps necessary), and the stars is above and - pinch my arm - we are in India!!

Well, dear reader, if you have a good outdoor outside dining experience in Mumbai - please feel free to share and comment on this post. Your secret will be safe with us:-) Promise:-)
At Otto Infinito - nice place if you want to dine under the stars:-)

Pepper crushed tuna and a square pepperoni pizza- not bad at all, Bravo Otto!

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