Wednesday, 23 January 2013

In shoe heaven

Dear reader,
Do you remember when I was in Sari heaven? Well today - if there is a shoe heaven we were in it! At least judged by quantity that is! We did go to shoe shops but with experience from the Greek Basari, the shoe stalls seemed somehow a lot more appealing. Anywhere where a good bargain is in sight, is a good place to be! Shopping with my Greek mother in law is a lot of fun. She does not take no for an answer and makes a pretty good challenge for the Indian stall-holders. We did follow the main rules (the ones from the Greek Basari work also in India!!Yeah!) and ended up quuuuite satisfied:
  • do not pay the price the sellers tell you 
  • feign indifferent to the item, (even you could kill for those sandals), and even pretend to walk away if you have to (most likely they will stop you with a reduced offer)
  • do not take their word for it. 38 is not the same number as 39, brown is not the same as dark red, and the first price they give you is not the best price ever
  • do not pay more than at least half of the price they tell you
If you need, there are also some good advice to be found on how to do bargain in India. And it is a relief to read here that the shop keepers also enjoy the bargain. I hope that counts for the people who met my mum-in law and me in action today too!

Well, if in Mumbai - this is worth a stroll down the road. This shoe heaven is on Linking road in Bandra. Have fun all! We did! Stay tuned all, and good night from Mumbai!

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