Friday, 18 January 2013

A Puja for Powai Explorers

Dear reader,
Remember I told you about my desire to explore Mumbai and the wonderful group I am a part of? Well, today we "kicked-off" the Spring season in my home. With a bunch of great ladies - from UK, Canada, US, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Belgium, India and New Zealand (puh:-))- we started this season on the more spiritual side with yoga and meditation with Manasi. Spread all over the living room floor we first challenged every living muscle in our body, through different yoga poses.

We then learned an interesting foot reflexology practice: when you walk - try to use the different parts of your foot. First walk on your toes, then on your heels, then on the outer side of your foot and then on the inner side. I tell you: a looot of giggling as we were strolling around in the living room, testing out this technique!

Then we moved on to challenges for the mind, the different ways of breathing and striving for the union of body and soul, the very essence of yoga and meditation. And we practiced some serious relaxation. Lying there on the floor with Manasi singing to us was a niiiice. And it was kind of hard to get up again. But Manasi assured us that the more relaxed we feel, the more energetic we will feel later in the day!
Yoga and meditation in my home today:-)

And then it was time for the puja. A puja is a religious ritual performed by Hindus. For everything new, or at the start of something new, a puja is often performed. The idea of a puja is to give an offer or a gift to a deity or important person to get a blessing in return. It can be done at temples, public places or at home. Today we marked the start of a new season for our group Powai Explorers.

Our puja was to a Guru, our guide's spiritual master and teacher. We offered flowers and fruits. His feet was symbolically washed and there was a burning light, symbolizing the spread of wisdom. So, we were sitting with our eyes closed, enjoying the sanskrit being cited and the puja being performed.  while a delightful scent spread in the room. A wonderful moment!

The Puja set up
See the small sandals? -  symbolizes his feet 

Manasi explaining about Puja to us and why coconut is good to offer.

So, our group had a good and spiritual start, and we learned about the puja! And after coffee, tea, fruits and more chit-chat the ladies even managed to find their shoes again:-) Ready for exploring!

Have a wonderful Friday dear reader, and stay tune!

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