Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Aaah(rgh), theese moments...

Dear readers,
Today I have a confession to make. Today I did definately NOT wake up in an adventurous mood, more like dragging myself out of bed. Was this it? Was my honeymoon-period-living-in-India over? Was my enthusiasm and joy for the life of an expat here coming to an end? I stared at myself in the mirror. I felt furious! At the lady who were after my wanna-be-Pradas, at the paperwork and endless forms, at the people who stare everywhere we go, at the man in the shop who says sorry-mam-we-dont-have-backpacks and then you discover that they hang just behind his back... At the dirt, the dust and at whoever is responsible for the kids living on the streets and for a woman being raped and killed while taking a bus with her boyfriend.

I marched to the kitchen, made a cup of tea and went to the balcony: aaah dear readers what can I say: lovely sunny 24 degrees and a nice morning breeze waited for me there.. I sat down, sipped my tea, looking down at the green park and at the blue sky. I sat there and felt my anger slowly fade away. Of course it will be like this, some of the experiences we see and live are so different, so strong - we have to digest them somehow.

Yes, the airport people are just doing their job and I did get to tell the man in the store that it is a bad sale-trick to say no to a customer before you ask what they really want. And I use a lot of my time at my NGO which makes it possible for kids to have a better future. And then I recalled something my grandfather quoted to me once: "Aaah, these moments which came and went away. I didn't know that they were life itself" And I laughed. I want to use my energy on the right things, let the little things go, and enjoy the moments. Here are some turn-ups that made me laugh. Cherish the moments everybody!
From Langkawi airport. Colourful umbrellas if it's raining when you walk to the plane. Something for my hometown Bergen? 

Sit! Do not stand on the toilet!

And just to finish of with a nice moment from KL. Could it be Santa waterskiing?

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