Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Online offline hotline

Yes, I have become a techno-genious. Compared to what I was before, that is. I now master programmes on the computer I had never even heard of. And I blog, I tweet, I ping. You name it. Most of this, thanks to my teens. They go to this amazing school where e-learning is top priority, so they have been good and - usually -  patient teachers. And the best part of it, is that online I can stay in touch with family and friends wherever they might be, and wherever I might be.. And as I am now in India, I can't help feeling how unbelievable it is to chat and be connected to people on the other side of the world. Wow, it is great to be online!

Nice to be offline too though! Just be in the present, close the phone (at least switch off the sound), look at the colors, smell the air, hug a friend - just enjoy the moment. Go offline - great to -give it a try!

So, where am I going with this? Well, today I just felt like writing a bit about a theme many expats deal with - in different ways. What is it like? Breaking up - moving to another continent, another country? Leaving family and old friends, meeting new people, making new friends..

I think that relationships expats make, are in a way in constant motion: at some point either you leave or they leave. But our new relationships often gets strong - maybe it is a kind of substitute for the family or the good old friends who are not here?  So, then naturally it gets painful when it is break-up-time. Before X-mas I wrote about the Christmas farewells and saluted my friends, remember? It was sad to come back to Mumbai and some friends are not here anymore. But I still think positive, celebrate my friendships and then if things get rough, I always have my hotline. That phonecall to that special friend in Norway who is neither on facebook nor has a computer. Always wonderful to hear her voice, and even more great to find out that they are coming to visit us! Oh how I look forward to share our India with them. But right now I am exploring Mumbai with some other visitors from home. My parents-in-law came today, first time they travel outside Europe, and managed to chit chat their way through Chhatrapati with suitcases filled with ouzo, Greek spices, Greek coffee and Greek sweets - enough to feed an entire army:-) Yoho! Zito!

So, Gateway here we come - again!

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