Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Powai - with a Greek twist

"Ahhhhhhh - look at that!!" The Greek is impressed. He streches his neck back, gazes up again and is pointing towards the blue sky. Wiiiide smile from ear to ear: "Look!"

I look. Is it Acropolis, the Parthenon temple? Are we in Athens, Greece? Ahhhh, no it is just the top floor of one of the residential complexes here in Powai, our neighborhood!

Ah, dear readers, we are used to it by now, since we actually live here and see it every day, but is was fun to see it for the first time last year. I suddenly understood why The Greek felt so at home here in India:-) A-ha:-).

Powai, where we live, is a nice suburbian neighborhood, north-east of Mumbai. It has grown to be one of the city's most upmarket commercial and residential hubs. Hiranandani Gardens in Powai has some of the tallest residential buildings in suburbian Mumbai and - here we go: many of them known for their neo classical (read Greek) architectural style. As we live in a giant city, and- as I have told you-  use a lot of time in the car - I have now reconciled with the fact that that's the way it has to be! But oh, how I enjoy walking around in my local neighborhood on the carless days. We have a lot of green parks and gardens, Powai Lakes is just by, and a variety of cafes and shops are around. A lot of activities are also organized. For info on what is going on when and where in Powai, check out:
So, especially for you readers who wonder how it looks like where we live: here are some pictures that my wonderful daughter Amalia has taken - Powai with a Greek twist - you know. Have a look at our neighborhood:

See what I mean: Greek colums on top of house
And more...
Green lung

amalia z
Majestetic lions of course

Street life, shopping and cafe.

One of the nice parks between the houses

More colums...

Our local supermarket: Haiko (the first land-mark I learned..)

 Good evening from Powai! Stay tune for more tales!


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