Thursday, 3 January 2013

Silk, orchids and Daging Panggang

Dear readers,
We have been busy exploring KL the last few days. Today we went to an art craft center, and I just loooved the fabrics. If you remember from when I was in Sari heaven in Mumbai you know I love colors, and this was the Malaysian batik techniques. I love orchid, the national flower of Singapore, but also the hibiscus, Malaysia's national flower is lovely. At the center they showed us how they paint these flowers on silk, cotton and other fabrics. Aren't they beautiful?:
Hand painted silk fabric

So over to culinary explorings. We discovered -Oh Joy-that there was a Greek restaurant also here in KL! With our divine Eating-with-the-Greek-Gods-in-Goa experience still fresh in our memories, we headed out to enjoy Greek Food. To make a long story short: not many Greek Gods here! We should have smelled the fish reading things like sulvaki, the famous greek dish paella, and Greek salad with tortilla and chilisauce.  So today we decided to go local and had a wonderful dinner at Bijan. We were seated outside in their small garden and enjoyed Opor Rusuk,  Daging Panggang and other local goodies, full of flavors! A great evening under the stars. Stay tune for more tales.
Good evening from KL!
The bar at Bijan Bar&restaurant
Delicious food at Bijan
Good evening from KL:)

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