Friday, 4 January 2013

Do 3 things you have never done before?!

This morning I woke up in an adventurous mood. I feel so lucky to be able to see new countries and cultures with my family, and I try to enjoy every moment of the day. My favourite saying is: " Yesterday is history, tomorrow's still a mystery. Live today!"  You can learn from the past but dont let it dictate your present. So, dear readers, today I decided that today I wanted to do 3 things that I have never done before in my life. And we are not talking about throwing myself off cliffs in a hangglider or climb the Himalayas, but more like small excperiences I have never done but that in some weird way seemed appealing to me.Why waste any time? Live today right?

1. Test-what -the- shisha/nargileh/hooka -is- all -about. Ok, readers- this was for fun as I have seen this again and again in Greece, Turkey, Dubai and India,and been fascinated. Today was my chance as we had a great lunch (with haloumi) at Al-Amar Lebanese restaurant. They have a separate waterpipe section where a Shisha Master told us about the history and showed how to use it and how it works. To be honest- cant't really say the light applesmoke made any revelations to me. But - I've tried it. 2 to go!
Shisha master

Nice lunch at Al-Amar
2. Getting-my-nails-done-at-Bling-Bling. Well, there is a first time for everything, also for getting your nails done in a crazy way with glitter and glam. No, not saying that you have to, but it was a fun moment sitting theresurrounded by pink, red, glitter, polish and stars. The Asians sure know nails, I tell you that. Feeling like Dame Edna and barely being able to pick out my wallet,  I still wandered out with my long glittery shiny nails. 1 to go!
Pick and choose


    3. Dance-like-Zorba-in-a-Malaysian-hotel-lobby. So last but not least, how about spreading your joy for music to the world? Hm. Not quite there? Well, neither was I, and I have to admit this was not on top of my To Do list, but when you are challenged by someone close to you, what do you do? And why not, live today right!? So, yes, I danced my way in to the hotel. Did I feel like Zorba The Greek? Not so much, but I had a bobbly feeling inside. Dance, did you say dance?
    Oh, dear readers, a memorable day indeed! And the best of it all was the way I was laughing my way through it all with the people I love. So what's up for tomorrow? Will you try something you have never done before? I might, and if not tomorrow, another day I hope. Cheerish the moments!

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