Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bollywood in Greece and Norway?

Yes, yes, yes...I knoow, dear reader - Bollywood is of course in neither of theese places, but right here with us in Mumbai! Only the largest film producer in India and one of the largest film production centres in the whole world, right. I just enjoy so much to discover links between my 3 countries: India, Norway and Greece.

Did you for example know that scenes in the film Maattrraan, directed by K.V. Anand was filmed in Bergen and West-Norway? Oh yes. Surrounded by waterfalls, fjords and mountains, the very essence of what Mother Norway can offer, to our Bollywood stars. And the Norwegians were obviously veeery satisfied, hoping this would be the start of a Bollywood - boom maybe? I think that they also hoped it will attract more Indian tourists to Norway. Yes, just have a look here.


A prospective Indian tourist? Have a look at the northern lights and the midnight sun here. Any Bollywood directors out there who was intrigued by this? There is also the Western Norway Film Commision (WNFC) which can assist you!

Trolltunga. From

And now we are moving on from the Mother Nature (man-alone-on-the-cliff) to Bolly-Sing-and Dance. Oh how I enjoy the rhythm, colors and energy in Bollywood films! I remember being at a Bollywood festival in Oslo in the early 90-. I'll never forget the audience: laughing, singing, clapping! I think the whole Indian community had gathered up, and were having a blast. And now here in India - I love going to the movies!

Well, just as much as I like the Bolly-style - so does apparently also the Greek singer Eleni Foureira. In her latest song Pio Erotas Pethaineis- she is all around ... in her Sari... I am so curious what my Indian friends will think about this. Do you like it? You can watch it at youtube here

Eleni Foureira as an Indian?
 So, we can conclude: Bollywood is all around! Have a wonderful day all, and stay tune!

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