Friday, 3 May 2013

And then the backpackers left Mumbai

Dear reader,
I can not believe it, but it has been two whole weeks since the backpackers came to Mumbai! They came to India for the first time and I have had wonderful, busy and exiting days following and sharing their welcome-to-incredible-India-impressions. I must say that I have enjoyed big time their genuine interest, curiosity, enthusiasm and positivism. It's so contagious...:-)

Despite the steeeeaming heat of Mumbai theese days, they have courageously been touring and sightseeing all over! They have been to slum areas and fishing villages. They have seen temples and tombs, shopping malls, first class cinema, luxury hotels and clubs. They have met the kids in the slumhut where I work, dined at Leopolds and been at the Gateway of India. Despite dripping of sweat, they have been strolling around in 40 degrees - eager to explore, to see and learn as much as possible. Very impressive and quite inspiring!

Where they are now? Well, you might remember? -  They were planning, at least a bit, where to go next, and they are on their way to other parts of India. You can follow their adventures on my cousin's blog.
Back to everyday life in Mumbai - the backpackers have left the city:-) 
So, our guestroom is empty again. It is back to everyday life here in Mumbai. The weekend is coming up, and what are we up to? Actually, we have an exiting weekend ahead - going to a wedding!
So, stay tuned!   

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