Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lazy blogger's day

Dear reader,
Oh, well, so it is hot in Mumbai, and the activity and energy among my friends seem to decrease... And do I see signs of decreasing energy, - almost laziness-  in myself too? Yep, think so. I take a long and hard look at myself in the mirror. Not so eager to rush out in the heat and explore these days. The home delivery business is more tempting than ever. Long walking tours? Hm. Whats wrong with taking the car? The heat is on in Mumbai!

But, the timing is perfect for having these visitors here - my wonderful cousin who is also an excellent writer. Hm. My laziness overwhelms me. She is blogging with such great joy, energy and enthusiasm about our experiences here in Mumbai! We have had some hilarious moments together, and she describes it so well. The other day we went together to Worli fishing village - a visit she blogged about. This piece is from when we came to a temple there:

We strolled around for another hour, our pace slowing down as the heat increased. Just outside a temple in the middle of the village, we discovered a pink and yellow wash basin. Apparently women walk around it before entering the temple. “It's for good luck. You should do it!”, Taronish encouraged me.
So I did. But I got more than I bargained for.
I actually paused briefly at one point before my seventh round was up. “So, what will actually happen?, I demanded. “You will get stronger!”, my guide shouted reassuringly.
But hadn't she mentioned something about marriage as well? But, Taronish had no time to answer, because my fiance, who helped me keep count, ushered me on. “Two more rounds. Keep walking!”
So, I blame what happens next – now or in the very distant future – on him.
Because, eventually, the seventh round was up and I turned to Taronish. “So, what happens now?”
“Now you have your husband Dominic for seven lifetimes!”, she stated triumphantly.
“Err…For seven lifetimes?”, I repeated, “I didn't sign up for that.”
Likewise, my boyfriend. “Whoa…whoa… Seven lifetimes!? I thought it was just for a long time. Because I was thinking in the third lifetime of maybe, you know, swap…”
Laughing, Taronish shook her head.
“No”, she said, simply.
Yes – so that is us, people. Deep blue bliss for seven lifetimes. 

See what I mean? Fun and well-written, right?! So, these days I just lean back, stretch my legs up and read and enjoy her blog. It is quite entertaining to read about myself through someone else's eyes too. And fun to read about how they see it, our life here in Mumbai and our experiences. She really has an amazing way with words... :-) You can follow her blog here. So, a few pictures from our steaming hot walk in Worli:

Listening to the guide - Worli

Love the colorful houses

And colorful clothes ..

Hot and smelly at the fish (and flie) market..

Fishing boats with sealink..
I hope you have had a good weekend dear reader, and wish you a wonderful start of the new week!
Stay tuned!

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