Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spicy stuff in Goa

After my last posting you might have the impression that I spent last week either dozing in the shade of a palm tree or smashing plates and screaming "Opah!" at a Greek taverna..? Well, dear reader, let me ask you:   Do you know what a cardamom bush looks like? Or how the cashew nuts are being harvested? I didn't, but I do now, after a very educational stroll in the Goan jungle.

Well, to be more precise: we visited Sahakari Spice Farm. We were welcomed by given a bindi at the forehead and having flower garlands thrown around our necks. With the lemon grass welcome tea we also received a small lecture of the health benefits of some of the spices, and then we set out on the Spice Safari.

Our friendly In-Nature-We-Trust-Guide led the way on a small path in between the tall palms, trees and bushes. We were put in a group with other spice-knowledge-seeking tourists from Australia, India and Japan, and one by one we followed the Guide to the first stop: The Cardamom Bush.

We also saw peppers, chili, nutmeg, cloves and a lot more in addition to cashew nuts, cocoa, pineapple, banana and ...well, what do you know: - an elephant...!?
Yes, an elephant in a spice farm... Kind of a fancy tourist gimmick, I was thinking, as sweaty spice-tourists enthusiastically lined up for being showered by the elephant in the little river... The rest of the tourists gathered on the little bridge to applaud the scenery. Well, we continued our tour and discovered a vanilla tree, cinnamon, bananas, and - ops - a man in a tree!? 

He was there to demonstrate how to climb the palm to harvest coconuts, just with using a small piece of rope.. "And now ladies and gentlemen, it's your turn.." Ever heard that phrase before? Another moment of giggling in the group... Not exactly the easiest thing.. (not that I tried- but by the look of it I mean..) We also saw:  
Cashew nut fruit - used for both drinks and  well,.. nuts... :-0

One plant. One Pineapple. The cutest little one - going to grow biiig

Vanilla tree
After the guided tour, we were given a shower of ice cold water down our backs, for good luck!? And a buffet lunch was included - with lots of spicy food  - of course:-) If you ever are in Goa, it is an interesting place to visit!

And then we went to the Goan sunset on the beach:-) Ahhhh, wonderful Goa!

Stay tuned dear reader!

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