Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Children's future India - on Norwegian radio NRK

The 8 year old girl who wants to be a doctor. The woman who started her own vegetable shop. The female presidents of the self help groups for women. The 22 year old student who does not want to marry, because then she can not work. The expat volunteer:-) The proud mothers. The young girls who believe that India is changing for the better. The strong women who have created their own future. Today, Norwegian radio listeners met all these and several more in the programme " The Sponsored Children in Mumbai"

Remember I told you about the journalist from NRK - (The National TV and radio channel in Norway) who was in Mumbai?  Like most people she left the city filled with impressions. She has now turned her impressions in to radio programs. Some weeks ago "Along the streets of Mumbai" was sent, and today we met " The Sponsored Children in Mumbai".

The listeners was brought to the pipeline slum. They could hear the children talking about their future dreams, they young girls telling about how the sponsorship enabled them to stay in school and the women explaining how just a little support can help them make a living for themselves and make sure their children stay in school. The NGO Children's Future India / Fadderbarnas fremtid works here. Almost 300 children from low-income families are enrolled in a sponsorship programme and receive support from sponsors abroad. In the programme we meet some of the children and their parents. I talked about the volunteer work I do, and the Head of the NGO explained how our focus help for self-help works. How to make it possible for families to keep their children in school and how to help women make a living for themselves.

You can listen to the programme at NRK - Ekko - (Find and press the "Ekko" link and then the programme named 09.04 (09:03-10:00). "Our" part of the programme starts about half way in.) It is in Norwegian...

And by the way. I told you about the birth of our small library, right? Well, I am happy to tell you that it is still up and running, and growing fast and strong! Most pupils in Indian school have started their summer vacation now, but that does not mean that they hang around being bored. Oh No! They were sooo exited and happy to tell me that Summer Vacation now means that they can read even more books from the library and they want more time with me doing a lot of extra classes! Yey - for summer vacation:-)
Stay tuned dear reader!
Yeeey Summer! More time for reading and doing extra classes!! 

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