Monday, 22 April 2013

When the backpackers came to Mumbai

Good evening dear reader,
The last time we spoke I was telling you about all tourist stuff- Leopold, Gateway of India... So, what have I been doing the last few days,- since Friday? Ups - I did it again: a bit of Leopold, Gateway and some other tourist stuff. BUT - I must hurry to add: this time in company with 2 enthusiastic & cheering first-time-in-India backpackers! So, I can (once again- yippee -) re-live my own first impressions of India! So, here we go again with the cows in the street, the colorful clothes, the smiles, the scents, the food.... Welcome to India!

These backpackers arrived with surprisingly small backpacks, unbelievable! They have been travelling in South East Asia for 3 months already - and now they are staying with us. So, far they seem to like it ( How wonderful if you would consider adopting us?). They have eaten Indian food, (Best butter chicken ever), ordered tailor-made clothes (Came for 1 pair of trousers and left with 2 suits and 4 pants), been stared at, done sightseeing- and whatever we suggest to do - they are up for it!  So, who are these mysterious backpackers? My sweet cousin and her fiance. It is great to have them here, and wonderful to show them "our" Mumbai! And their first impressions of India? Well, what can be better than having them tell it in their own words? So, please have a look at my cousin's wonderful blog - I don't do camping!

How long they will stay? I have no idea- I just now that when they leave they will travel as the most stylish backpacker couple ever- in their elegant tailor made clothes :-)

Ta ta from Mumbai!

The visitors - This is from the PRE-TAILOR-MUMBAI-PERIODE

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