Sunday, 28 April 2013

Longing for a dip in the sea..

Dear reader,
It is getting steaming hot in Mumbai! Steaming hot! Hot and humid! I can just sense how my friends' energy level kind of decreases day by day and the temperature is rising.. Oh, it is hot, hot hot! " Oh, let the monsoon begin" sighed one of my friends the other day. Yes, some have started to long for the monsoon. Not, so strange maybe because you see- it hasn't rained in Mumbai since autumn last year ( autumn last year - did you hear that, my Bergen friends?)... The other day I got carried away by this anticipation too and caught myself staring suspiciously up on the sky: What was it about those grey clouds? Could it be rain? Rain? Or just wind? Where was the usual blue Mumbai sky? Was this it? Would it really rain? Would the monsoon start super-early this year?

So, do I long for the rain? Not so much. My selfish me really enjoys this rainfree life in Mumbai. Personally, I am more eager for a dip in the sea. Preferable in the Aegean sea, but with the temperatures rising to 40 degrees-even the freezing Nordic sea sounds utterly tempting. The other day we were walking around, and I could hear the waves, watch the water and feel the soft sea breeze. However, I am not so sure that I have reached such a level of desperation that I will dive into the sea close to Mumbai though, like these kids did:
Cooling off in the sea at Worli, Mumbai..
My cousin and hubby are still with us and still planning where they will travel in India, remember? When they speak with our friends about where to go, all the advice they get include some sort of tip on where to go to avoid the heat! So, they are preparing their journey. India is preparing for monsoon season. And me? I have started to prepare for holidaying in my home countr-y/ies (..not quite yet, but ..). The other day I was telling one of my Indian friends about the Aegean sea. About our beach, where we go with the boat, where the water is clearer than crystal... Where we can see the sandy bottom through the blue-green water- and where we just dive in. Coming up!
Taking a dip in the Aegean sea...:-) Ahhh 
You might remember that The Greek and I were searching for swimmable seawater close to Mumbai. Not quite there yet, I admit. But even though we can not swim in it - walking, sitting or just being close to the sea in Mumbai- love it! But do not expect a romantic peaceful-watch-the-sunset-moment! Here you will share the experience with thousands of others. Like one time we went to Juhu beach at sunset, and The Greek laughed and pointed: "Look! All of Norway on the beach!"  Crowds of people were gathering- well, maybe almost as many as the whole population of Norway? Walking, talking, laughing, playing games, eating, drinking - enjoying the time and sharing the moment.  
A peaceful sea-moment:-) 
Enjoy your moment wherever you are, dear reader!
Good evening from Mumbai!

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