Saturday, 13 April 2013

Cinemaing in India - first class!

Oh, how I love to go to the movies in India! The atmosphere, the people, the engagement, the cheering, and then there is the Cinema Business Class. Yes, Gold class; the place where the seats turn into beds, where the glasses are made of - well - glass and an army of waiters (oh yes) is waiting to take your pop-corn order, if you still feel like going with the pop corn( and not Champagne&oysters)  - but hey guys - after all: it is cinema, even though a posh one.

Don't get me wrong! In general, cinemaing in India is a joyful thing - first class or not. And whether you choose to go for a Bollywood film or a "foreign" film, and in Hindi or English it is a really fun experience. I wrote about Bollywood memories before, and considering Bollywood makes 3 times as many films as Hollywood, there are a lot of films to choose from. And just for the atmosphere, a Hindi film is fun!

If you have kids/teens, a tip is- if  you buy your tickets online-  to be sure to check the age limit - it might be different than how they rate the film elsewhere...! With the tickets in your hand you can now enter, but there are some checkpoints. Security check, and ticket- check a couple of times. At the first one, I had to remove the battery for my camera as it was not allowed to bring inside. (They kept in at the security check and I could pick it up again after the film.) (= blurry pics from Inside...)
The waiting room (or should we say lounge) at the cinema (the Gold one) :-) 
If you got safely through the security check and have your age-correct tickets with you, you are now in the waiting area - looking more like a posh salon really. After the waiting room you proceed to usually another check point where - whether you like it or not (if you are a huge fan of finding your own seat) - someone will check you ticket and show you to your seat. At the Cinema Business Class where your seat is made of leather, and a panel on the side can switch your chair to a bed in no time, there are waiters who will take your order, you will have a drink (we got pineapple juice) and a bottle of water, and you are now ready to kick off your shoes and curl up in the chair/bed under a soft blanket.
Complimentary water bottle waiting for you
Wait! Do not get too comfy under the blanket too soon! You see, it all starts with the Indian National Hymn, so up you go, find your shoes you kicked off somewhere,  and stand for the Hymn. Then there will probably be some commercial, most probably anti-smoking ones, and the film starts. Know also that there will be a break in the middle of the film, enough time to visit the washroom, giggle with your mates and curl up again in the bed.
Here I have stretched out under the blanket, enjoying my complimentary drink and the movie:-) 
Oh, how am I ever going to go back to a "normal" cinema after this?

After the film, wake up your fellow mates- if needed,  it is tempting to just wanna hang on to this place, and remember to get your camera-battery/lighter or other confiscated items back from security.

Enjoy the movie everyone!

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