Friday, 29 March 2013

Offline in Goa

Dear reader,
I have to admit - being offline can be challenging - even if it is by choice as in this case - but oh, dear reader, Goa must be the most wonderful place - to be just that: offline.... So in case you should wonder what I have up to the last few days:  I have been totally and completely offline - in Goa:-)

For Spring break, my family and I left bustling Mumbai behind and headed out for Goa. Oh, so nice to see the wonderful long sandy beaches of Goa again - and with sea you can swim in. So when I am offline, I am to be found in the shade of a palm tree, on a long sandy beach - with the sea in front. Maybe I have a coconut drink in one hand and a book in the other, and maybe chatting with my hubby, my kids or my parents - who, by the way, came with us, and who are visiting India for the first time.

Oh, I  love the nature in Goa: the beaches, the green trees and bushes, the flowers and the sea.

So, long sunny days on the beach, some sightseeing and exploring and of course looong meals - you might remember when we dined with the Greek Gods in Goa -and this time we went back to Mariketty again - and again- - and again - enjoying fantastic Greek food on Thalassa taverna placed on the cliffs overlooking Vagator beach while watching the sunset over the Arabian Sea. Amazing moments.

So, dear reader - I will be back with more news from Goa - now when I am online again. I hope you have enjoyed your week and wish you a nice start of the weekend.

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