Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The birth of a Library

Dear reader,
Please image a nine year old girl. She has just been told that she can choose a book to take home with her. She can hardly believe it. But she smiles. She giggles and her eyes are shining: " Is it true? I can take it with me home?" She carefully looks through the available books, quiet she looks at the pictures, the backside, letting that one go. Picking up another one. And then that biiig smile again- and she is coming over to me to have it registered. "This one." And she hugs the book, caresses it like it is the most valuable treasure in the whole world. That lucky book - going home with her!

A very emotional day today, dear reader. At my NGO, we now have our small library up and running! Hurray! Today, for the first time, the kids got to choose a book to borrow with them home. For some of them it was a new experience, but something they obviously loved!

You see, the kids in the Basic English class could use some extra reading, and we had this idea to make a library for them - with books in English. It had to be some very basic, and some more advanced. So we started planning and the plans turned in to action! Some books were bought and some were donated.

Some of the books donated to the CFI library. 
So, today the books were shown to the children for the first time, and each child could pick one book to take home. Oh,  how I enjoyed watching them searching for The Book. And they all found one, and then they were dutifully signing for it. And then, oh so carefully carrying it with them. Some of them were already planning which book to borrow the next time!
Hm... which one to pick?

So, hopefully this is just the beginning! You see, we want to work to make our tiny library grow big and strong. A warm Thank you to all my friends who donated books! Be assured that your books have got a new and loving home:-) If you want to support my NGO - read more here

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